Who is Jake?

Hi, my name is Sami, and I have the pleasure of having two of the coolest men in my life. 

First is Jake, my younger brother. He has cerebral palsy, which I only mention to emphasize the impact music has in his life. His room is covered in guitars and music memorabilia and his 1,000 CD disc changer is packed with all of Jake's very favorite albums - which are played in constant rotation. 

Jake can identify a tune within the first three notes of a song, and while he can't tell you how he feels about the music in words, the happiness it brings him is impossible to be missed through his laughter and excitement.

Some of Jake's favorite artists include Tom Petty (who he has had the opportunity to meet and see twice in concert), Neil Young, The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin and most classic rock, but he really enjoys music across all genres. 

That second man is my husband Bradley. In June of 2013, he suggested we start sending music videos to Jake once a week.

Two years and over 100 videos later, our YouTube Channel still operates around the simple mission of getting great songs to one really big music lover. With a playlist designed with Jake in mind, video content consists of submissions from the two of us, as well as many of our talented friends in music (old and new) who also wanted to make Jake's day by sending him a song.  

Music is an incredible language, and Songs for Jake marries our passion for creating, finding and sharing it with Jake and others like him who may benefit from the project.  How neat that something so pure can have the power to light up just one person's day.